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Partner Services - Medical Certificates

Get all types of medical (sick leave/fitness) certificates online in minutes from Registered Doctors within 30 mins*.

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Get in contact with our qualified licensed practitioners. Our doctors are experienced experts from around the world. Get access to the right at your fingertips for instant second consults

Free Consultation for Fever & Cough

  •   Non emergency Fever & Cough symptoms
  •   Get your doubts and queries cleared
  •   Get assured by consulting with expert doctors

Disclaimer :
* Tele-consultations are strictly recommended for non emergency situations.
* In case of emergency, kindly visit the nearest hospital or consult local doctors

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Assured, affordable, and accessible, clinic like consultation from the comfort of your home. Tele clinic is an initiative by the second consult to bring world-class health care service to the location & time that suits you best. You could be traveling or tied up with your schedule – wherever and whenever – simply login and have access to world-class medical care.

Convenient Chat / Call / Video Options

Connect with medical practitioners from any specialty for exclusive, safe, and explicit one on one medical consultation over Chat/Voice/Video call.

Second Opinion from World's Top Doctors

Getting a premium second opinion from us is easy, convenient, and cost-effective. We have the best doctors to give you the best opinion

Medical Report Storage

All your past and present medical records can be easily uploaded, accessed and stored securely. With our unique feature, you can upload and store your Radiology Reports (X-Rays, MRI, CT scan...)


Teleradiology facility at an affordable price is the pinnacle of Second Consult's esteemed services. You can now upload your radiology images (PET/CT Scan, MRI, X-Rays, Ultrasound etc.)

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Get in contact with our qualified licensed practitioners. Our doctors are experienced experts from around the world, get access to them right at your fingertips for instant second consults
Fastest Doctor Response
Doctors 24x7
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For convenient online consultations with expert doctors, book an appointment with Second Consult.

Connect face to face using your phone, tablet or computer 24 x 7.

Just like an in person visit, the doctor takes your history and symptoms, performs a diagnosis, and may recommend a treatment including prescriptions and lab work.

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Patient Testimonials

Interventional Radiology 4U

An exclusive educational website dedicated to Interventional Radiology, aimed at self education of different sections of people including: medical, non-medical professionals, patients, family, and the general population.

MSK Radiology 4U

The emphasis is on radiographs and MRI covering all aspects of musculoskeletal disease including spinal imaging. The somewhat eclectic mix reflects the orthopaedic oncological interest of the three authors.

From Our Blog

Live Telecast From Second Consult

June 25, 2021

Second Consult goes live on TV!!

Second opinion facility is the pinnacle of Second Consult’s services which enables patients to connect with doctors from around the world for the best advice on their serious health issues and problems and alleviate their prolonged worries.

How The Healthcare Industry Becomes Digitized

September 10, 2020

Digitalization of Healthcare Industry: The Power of Telehealth

Today, telehealth applications are software-as-a-service (SaaS) and as close as the smartphone a doctor – and their patient – keep in their pocket or purse.

Chronic Kidney disease

October 19, 2021

Chronic Kidney Disease

When kidney function declines due to common health conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes, we call it Chronic (long term) kidney failure or disease (CKD). It is estimated that about 14% of the world population has chronic kidney disease causing a great burden on the families and health system of the countries.