Second Consult goes live on TV!!

BY SECOND CONSULT Published on June 25, 2021
This week has been a milestone for Second Consult with our first TV interview. With this we are embarking on a new journey of providing high quality health service to those in need. You can watch the interview with our co-founders over here. This is a testimony to our values, our vision and our quality service and a great endorsement of all the efforts that everyone at Second Consult has put in, to offer the best.

The ongoing COVID19 pandemic has only added to people's doubts about the health choices they make for themselves, their family and friends through self-diagnosis and self-medication. After years of working on improving the telemedical service, the experts at Second Consult have noticed a strong demand for audio/video consultations with doctors, including easy access to the best doctors, COVID-19 consultations and efficient ways of solving common health problems without clinic or hospital visits.

Our co-founders Dr G Ram Kishore and Dr P Radha Krishna are committed to simplifying healthcare and this interview is a strong endorsement of our ‘Patient First, Best Healthcare for All’ ideology, which prompted us to develop Second Consult’s product with the most cutting edge technology making it way easier for the user. Finding the best doctor under any specialty, storing all the medical records and reports securely, hassle free consultations, everything is now a matter of a few clicks. Second Consult’s website and application helps simplify scheduling and appointments process, effectively managing invoices, billing and inventory for the doctors and patients alike. It also helps to create digital health and medical records and prescriptions so that the patients or users always have their healthcare history available to them at all times.

Second Consult’s cloud-based practice management solution using SaaS based software solution, will help digitize healthcare by enabling storage of digital healthcare records that includes the highly complex teleradiology services and an array of options to upload previous medical histories and reports, e-prescriptions, radiology reports like X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI Scan etc., eventually simplifying & automating the consultation process.

Second opinion facility is the pinnacle of Second Consult’s services which enables patients to connect with doctors from around the world for the best advice on their serious health issues and problems and alleviate their prolonged worries.

At Second Consult, we are working towards the goal to instantly connect the patient to a specialist in any situation and allow regular medical consultations for the whole family from the comfort of their home.

For a long time now, everything but the patient was in focus in the healthcare industry. The consumers didn't even have access to basic information about the doctor before deciding to consult him/her. As humans we are all habituated of surfing through reviews before we take any decisions even in matters as trivial as watching a movie, but this has never been true in the case of doctor consultations whom we trust our life upon for the only reason of not having access to such basic information. And this is where Second Consult enroute to make a difference as our Search feature allows patients to search through a huge verified database of doctors and choose the best amongst them. Users can also search using doctor’s name, specialization, and even symptoms.

Second Consult has provided a forum for the doctors settled abroad to provide a fair chance to serve their nation during this crisis time and that has been the seed to this project which has now evolved into this user friendly application. Trained and specialized doctors are registered in Second Consult App providing world class service from around the globe to the masses in India.

Health Equity is what Second Consult aims to achieve by providing best quality healthcare and treatment to the rural parts of India by experts from all parts of the world without having the patient to empty their savings. Which is why this debriefing on the TV is more than just a marketing campaign for us! This is about telling millions of people in the rural and suburbs that they can get easy access to better doctors and make better healthcare decisions enabling them with more choice and the realization that healthcare will change forever and get increasingly centered around patients. This is where we mark our differences.

In the coming months, we will continue to expand and introduce our mobile application to ensure users have the best possible healthcare experience on the go. Healthcare providers can use them to be more efficient and provide higher quality care.

We are really thrilled about this TV rendezvous with our co-founders who had a lot to say about promoting their idea of making basic healthcare with advanced technology, accessible to a wide population in India through teleconsultations from the comfort of their homes at pocket friendly rates including free COVID-19 consultations with the best doctors!!

With no apprehension and all excitement we bring Second Consult to the market so that millions of consumers in various parts of India can be benefitted by audio/video consultations and help them make better healthcare decisions. This is an important step for us in our quest to improve healthcare.

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