Workout Skin Care routine: Things to do Before and After

BY Dr. Mrunalini Valasani , MD Published on September 22, 2021

Remember that exercising improves your physical health as well as your skin's radiance and suppleness. Do you have a daily skincare routine that is up-to-date? If you don't have a skincare routine, going to the gym, working out so hard, performing yoga, or going for walks won't help you achieve the greatest outcomes. In fact, sweating is necessary for glowing and healthy skin, and it is the only way to attain it. This, however, is only possible if you adhere to a specific skincare regimen. If you don't follow a strict skincare regime, you risk damaging your skin to the point of premature aging, dullness, and infection. Make sure you know what to do before, during, and after an exercise to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing. Check out these easy steps to glowing skin before and after your workout.

Skincare for pre-workout

Working out with your makeup on is the biggest blunder you've ever made. Wipe your makeup before working out, as it can clog your pores and sweat glands, making it difficult for your skin to circulate and sweat to escape from your body. As a result, light face wash is advised to remove all makeup before hitting the gym.

  • Always apply sunscreen before working out

Apply your preferred moisturizer and sunscreen after you've removed all your makeup products.

  • Use antiperspirant roll-on

Sweating is a regular occurrence during a training session. Putting a deodorant roll-on to your armpits will help you feel safe from bacteria and germs.

  • Exercise with your hair tied back

Even with short hair, fasten it. You cannot wash hair care products every day before a workout. Therefore, you should tie your hair up so that hair product coupled with sweat will block pores and trigger face pimples.

  • Use disinfectant:

If you're using gym equipment, make sure to use a sanitizer first, and bring your own hand towel with you. During your exercise, avoid touching your face because your hands are unclean and could become infected with bacteria. 

  • Keep your distance and use your own supplies and towel

Distancing yourself from others is always important. It's vital to keep a distance of at least six feet from others while the epidemic is still spreading. You should bring your personal towels, toiletries, and skincare products to prevent the transmission of infection or bacteria.

  • Makeup should be removed off your face before going to the gym

Having said that, we understand that some people are uncomfortable walking out in public with their faces bare. To avoid clogging pores, search for cosmetics that is non-comedogenic on labels. Another option might be tinted moisturizer or sunscreen, which would provide coverage without becoming too thick. That leads us to our next tip:

After-work out Skincare Tips

It's just as vital to wash your face after working out as it is before. After an exercise, resting with a sweaty face can accumulate microorganisms on your skin. To remove grime, oil, and sweat, splash water on your face for a few seconds. After exercising, wash your hair with a light shampoo, but don't do it every day. Instead of using a blow dryer, dry your hair with a towel.

  • Change your sweaty clothes.

After your exercise, change your sweaty clothes because the body tends to sweat and release toxins due to your exertion. Pollutants are generally absorbed into clothing, clogging pores and causing rashes and acne on the body. Recommended to take a cold shower or change your clothes if bathing isn't an option. 

  • Skin exfoliation

After a workout, exfoliate your skin with a gentle scrub, apply serum, and finish with a moisturizing lotion and cooling gel. No matter if you wear makeup to the gym or not, this is a must-have. When you finish working out, it's crucial to wash your skin carefully. As an added benefit, cooling the skin helps avoid blood vessel rupture and brings skin temperature to a more comfortable range.

  • In your gym bag, keep some toner pads handy.

Toner pads, which are cotton rounds pre-soaked with active chemicals like salicylic acid or glycolic acid, are another option to get rid of excess dirt and oil. These pads are especially beneficial for people with oily skin since salicylic acid does a wonderful job of reducing the amount of oil produced on the skin's surface. However, both salicylic acid and glycolic acid are "superb chemical peeling agents" that would assist remove that layer of sweat and any residual makeup after your workout. Keep in mind that if you have skin irritation, it's best to consult a doctor before using chemical exfoliants.

  • Ice can help decrease post-workout redness.

If you tend to flush easily after getting sweaty, try sucking on some ice. 

Frankly, a heat receptor on the tongue is activated when you suck on ice. It almost restores all the heat and redness in your face. So, while sucking ice, your temperature gradually comes down.


With these gym-specific skincare advice in hand, it's time to get sweating. However, if you don't pay attention to your skincare routine while exercising, it can lead to long-term harm. Lucky for you, you won't be sacrificing a beautiful complexion. Even on your toughest workout sessions, I hope these short, easy recommendations will find their way into both your pre- and post-workout routines to maintain your skin bright and radiant.


Dr. Mrunalini Valasani , MD

Dermatology (Skin specialist)
Tirupati, India

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