Second Consult – Easy Online Consultation for Seniors

BY SECOND CONSULT Published on September 10, 2020

With Second Consult, an easy online consultation app, you can book an appointment and consult with a doctor of your choice from anywhere at any time. Here's how Second Consult can help you take care of your elderly loved ones:

No More Hospital Visits

As your loved ones age, their immune system takes a toll, and the risk of falling sick increases. Meanwhile pandemic has further increased the risk of infection, making hospital visits even riskier. With Second Consult, you can get medical advice from renowned doctors from the comfort of your home. Our website offers voice or video call consultations with no waiting period. Simply sign up, select a medical expert, fix an appointment, and schedule a video call. This easy online consultation is convenient for both you and your elderly loved ones.

Comfort, Privacy & Security

Elderly patients may find it challenging to travel to clinics or hospitals for consultations. The diagnosis is no different than a physical consultation, and if your loved one has earlier health conditions that need to be notified to the doctor, they can easily scan and upload the reports or prescriptions. Second Consult provides a private and secure medical consultation that follows HIPAA norms to keep your information confidential.

Eliminate Unwanted Procedures

Going to the hospital for a simple consultation can be a hassle. You have to travel through busy traffic, fill up details at the reception, and wait in long queues to meet the doctor. Second Consult eliminates these unwanted procedures with uncomplicated online consultation. Doctors are available at the patient convenience, and most health issues can be diagnosed through a voice or video call.

Scan and Save Your Report

Elderly patients can stay updated with technology by scanning and uploading their reports to the Second Consult website. Second Consult provides an option to scan and upload reports to the website so doctors can check the history and diagnose and prescribe medicines. Expert physicians update the answers in just a few minutes after the reports are uploaded. You can also read verified patient reviews to select the expert of your choice.


Second Consult offers a provision to upload radiology reports like X-Rays, CT/PET scan, MRI scan, Ultrasound, etc. If you need a second opinion on your radiology reports, our authorized radiologists will interpret and diagnose the report and submit their conclusion, which will then be forwarded to you. This feature can prevent diagnostic errors, save costs, and avoid unnecessary surgeries and expensive therapy processes.


In conclusion, Second Consult provides easy online consultation to take care of our elderly loved ones' health. With easy online consultation, patients can avoid the risk of infection and eliminate the need for unwanted procedures. Moreover, they can enjoy the comfort, privacy, and security of a consultation from the comfort of their homes. With the ability to scan and save reports and access teleradiology, Second Consult is an excellent option for providing care to senior citizens. So, what are you waiting for? Start using Second Consult today!

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