Good health is not a goal, it’s a way of Living

BY SECOND CONSULT Published on September 10, 2020

“Good health is not a goal, it's a way of Living !!! It  changes not only your body but your mind, your attitude and your mood!!!”

Life is beautiful and you don’t want to bog yourself down with unnecessary health problems. Today, your vital organs may be working well, but they may not be tomorrow. Don’t take your health for granted. Hence it is really crucial for us to embark on the journey of having a healthy lifestyle.

Good health isn’t just about healthy eating and exercise — it’s also about having a positive attitude, a positive self-image, and a healthy lifestyle.

Factors for an Unhealthy Lifestyle in Today ‘s World!!

In today’s fast paced world, there are a host of factors which are contributing a lot to unhealthy lifestyles, causing serious health issues. A comprehensive list of factors that could be summarized are as follows:

  • Unhealthy food habits / eating habits
  • Stress, Depression , Anxiety
  • Lack of exercise.
  • Negative Thinking
  • Pollution and adulterated food

Impact of unhealthy Lifestyle – Diseases.

Lifestyle diseases are ailments that are primarily based on the day to day habits of people. Habits that detract people from activity and push them towards a sedentary routine can cause a number of health issues that can lead to chronic non-communicable diseases and can have near life-threatening consequences.

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetics
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Respiratory Diseases.

What can you do to lead a healthy lifestyle???

Drink more water - The amount of water we need is dependent on various factors such as humidity, your physical activity, and your weight, but generally, we need 2.7-3.7 liters of water intake per day. Since food intake contributes about 20% of our fluid intake, that means we need to drink about 2.0-3.0 liters of water or about One way to tell if you’re hydrated — your urine should be slightly yellow. If it’s not, like it’s dark yellow or even orange, you’re not getting enough water! Other signs include dry lips, dry mouth, and little urination.

Get enough sleep - When you don’t rest well, you compensate by eating more. Usually, it’s junk food. Get enough rest and you don’t need to snack to stay awake. Also, lack of sleep causes premature aging and you don’t want that! 

Meditate & Exercise - Meditation quietens your mind and calms your soul. Since meditation is such an age old activity practised by different religions and cultures, there has been a huge range of different meditation techniques developed and amassed over the years. Meditate at least 15 minutes everyday. 

Movement is life. Research has shown that exercising daily brings tremendous benefits to our health, including an increase in lifespan, lowering of risk of diseases, higher bone density, and weight loss. Increase the activity in your life. 

Eat fruits & Vegetables - Fruits have a load of vitamins and minerals. As much as possible, consume your vitamins and minerals through your diet rather than through pills. Preferably eat the local fruits that are grown locally at your place. Always consume a wide variety of fruits and vegetables of different colors. Firstly, fruits and vegetables with different colors represent different antioxidant content, which removes free radicals that damage our cells and fights inflammation in our body. Secondly, when we eat a large diversity of fruits/vegetables, it creates a wide variety of good bacteria in our gut, which creates a strong defense line between us and the environment, improves our immune system, and strengthens our long-term health.

Cut down junk and processed food - Processed food is not good because (a) most of the nutritional value is lost in the creation of these foods, and (b) the added preservatives are bad for our health. Many processed foods contain a high amount of salt which leads to higher blood pressure and heart disease. Instead prefer a fruit or a salad over junk.

Love yourself and take care of your emotional health - Self-love is a crucial part of living a healthy life. When you have a negative self-image, it naturally weighs down on your mental outlook and health. Having good emotional health doesn't mean you're always happy or free from negative emotions. It's about having the skills and resources to manage the ups and downs of day-to-day life.

No to smoking /No to alcohol -  Smoking is detrimental to health, severely increases the risk of lung cancer, kidney cancer, esophageal cancer (of our gullet), heart attack, and more. If you’re a smoker, quit not just for yourself, but for your family and friends. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it drains water from your body. Not only that, but alcohol is repeatedly proven to have negative effects on our body and health — impacting the proper functioning of our brain, liver, lungs, and other major organs.

Make it a habit to always look at the brighter side of life. Even if you find yourself in the worst situation, there is always an upside to it—something good and positive. Dwell on these things instead.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not that difficult, nor does it require a lot of work. Just keep doing what you do and apply the staying healthy tips listed above—surely you will be a well-rounded individual in no time.

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