Free COVID-19 Consultations from Secondconsult

BY SECOND CONSULT Published on May 19, 2021
The world that we live in has completely changed from what it used to be. With the onset of a deadly virus, our lives have been turned upside down. The entire world faced an unprecedented public health emergency with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting several parts of the globe.

In India, the Central and state governments have made exceptional efforts to combat and manage the crisis along with the participation of all citizens. And as the nation was making an attempt to redeem itself from the primary wave, the second wave of the pandemic hit us with an exponential rise in the positive cases and subsequent deaths. Over time, the increase in active cases has put tremendous pressure on the already overloaded existing health infrastructure.

With the outbreak of the Second Wave of COVID-19 pandemic, we are in dire need of additional doctors and specialists and every extra hand can make a huge difference. The Government of India has been making requests for volunteer doctors who are passionate and willing to provide their services in the public health facilities.

In the event of an outbreak leading to a high number of infected people, the healthcare institutions will face a huge burden of caring for a large number of patients with limited resources available. There is an acute shortage in every aspect of the healthcare system to combat these situations. Although the Central and state governments are increasing the availability of the resources to every part of the country, it is equally exposing the shortage or deficiencies in covering a big country like ours.It is this need which makes any bit of contribution to the current scenario worthwhile and help save lives.

Second Consult consists of a team of expert doctors from India and abroad, who are skilled and trained in various specialties. The doctors at Second Consult have come forward during this time of need by offering free COVID-19 consultations by online platforms to the people and families affected vy COVID-19.

from around the globe providing telehealth solutions and online consultations for patients in India.

Second Consult is committed to providing free and convenient online advice to COVID 19 patients from experienced and full-fledged doctors in turn coming to the aid of people and government during these times of crisis. Here, we aim to ensure that patient’s every interaction with our medical practitioners taken remotely from home, will be hassle-free and comfortable.

Second Consult team can help triaging, assessing and counselling Non-emergency COVID patients and direct them towards the right way of management. With our expertise we have the privilege to provide right guidance and advice in managing the situation. By providing our services, we also aim to decrease the pressure on hospitals that are battling against the dearth of hospital beds which can be prioritized for those in need.

The efforts of the Second Consult team along with numerous volunteers across the country, who emphasize the unity of mankind, have become a glimmer of light, a ray of hope in this current situation. This is beyond words and would not have been possible without the support of the selfless community of health workers for which we salute their bravery.

Together we can make a difference and let us all come together to combat this evil COVID-19 and save ourselves.

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