During the covid-19 pandemic, opt for teleconsultation

BY SECOND CONSULT Published on November 16, 2021

Along with the many changes to our lives, COVID-19 has influenced our health seeking behaviour too. We now think twice to step out to the doctors’ clinic for fear of exposure to covid in an overcrowded hospital setting.In spite of our physical ailments and lingering doubts, we either delay or avoid seeing a doctor. At the same time, doctors and health care institutions are overstretched providing patient care and complying to the mandatory safe distancing and infection control practices. The waiting times, logistical issues and possibility of cross infection have burdened both the patients and healthcare providers alike.

Teleconsultations have provided an effective alternative in these challenging times. Tele-consultation is the process of consulting a doctor or other healthcare expert via information and communication technologies such as phone calls, video calls, and emails. The use of teleconsultations has increased exponentially during the pandemic owing to its ease of use.

For patients and their caregivers, Teleconsultations offer these benefits:

  •  Ease of access to various specialists at your convenience
  • Avoid long waiting times and risk of exposure to covid in hospital setting
  • Minimises the need for patients and caregivers to be physically present to receive medical advice
  • Especially helpful for elderly with mobility issues, immunosuppressed and children
  • Prevents inadvertent delays in treatment
  • Triaging and assurance on whether or not there is an immediate need for in-person consultation.

Please note that tele-consultations are best suited for non-acute conditions. For acute emergencies, please visit a nearby hospital.
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