Clinical Guidance for Management of Adult COVID-19 Patients

BY SECOND CONSULT Published on May 14, 2021
As the deadly coronavirus continues to tighten its grip and with such countless information and speculations flowing around concerning COVID-19 positive patients, their symptoms, impacts, cures, etc., providing reliable information to the public has become even more important. It is all the more essential for everyone to know what is right and what is incorrect, what should be
done and what should not be done. As a sigh of relief, the Ministry of Family and Health, Government of India in association with the Department of Medicine, AIIMS(ND), has issued a detailed guideline that can serve as the manual for the clinical guidance for management of the adult COVID-19 patients. In this detailed protocol, the Ministry separates the examination of the disease based on the severity of the sickness which in turn would be convenient for any individual to decide the next step towards securing the affected person's life.
In accordance with the guidelines, COVID-19 positive patient’s illness has been categorized into 3 levels viz. Mild, Moderate and Severe. While the patient with mild disease can do away with home isolation and care, the patients with moderate and severe symptoms have to be admitted in the ward and ICU respectively. The guidelines also provide a detailed input on how the severity of the sickness can be judged based on the symptoms.
With hospital beds becoming increasingly scarce, doctors are advising the people with mild symptoms to stay at home and accept medical consultation from home. There is a clear indication on what are the dos and don’ts if you are in home seclusion, the therapies and medicines that can be taken and when you need to seek immediate medical attention.
For those patients whose respiratory rate goes above a prescribed level and experiences breathlessness, needs to be admitted to the hospital without further ado. Centered on the intensity of the respiratory symptoms, the patient will be either put on oxygen support or on respiratory support and given anti-inflammatory therapy and anticoagulation followed by diligent monitoring. Only after complete recovery will the patient be discharged as per the revised discharge criteria.
With the onset of proper guidelines the Ministry hopes to get a control on the death rate as every individual continues to fight against the second wave of pandemic.
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